• Paolo Pero,

    Founder of The Pastry Box

    Paolo Pero is the CEO of The Pastry Box, he is also a third generation baker. He started working at his father's bakery at the age of twelve, by the time he was fifteen he had already started doing product development and supervising bread shifts on his own.

    Two years later Paolo began making cakes and pastries at his father's other retail bakery, it was at this time when he realized his passion for the baking industry.

  • Hand Made Cakes,

    The key to delicious treats!

    Paolo has been trained by masters such as Dominic Jarry from Sugar Art, which helped to refine his skills in wedding cake creation. In the year 1997 Paolo received his Red Seal when he completed his apprenticeship.

    Soon after in 1999 Paolo and his father Francesco decided to open a new bakery in Port Moody called, Casa del Pane. Ontop of opening another bakery, Paolo and his father also opened a gelato cafe named Casa Dolce two years later! A little while later Paolo bought his father's bakery Italia bakery, and finally in 2006 Paolo started up his greatest success, The Pastry Box!

  • Carefully Decorated,

    They look as good as they tatste!

    Looking over the exceptional skills you can expect from the owner of The Pastry Box, you can be sure that not only do these eyes appeal to the eyes but they certainly will make your mouth water!

    Because as our motto goes, at The Pastrybox "where quality is tradition!"