Limoncelo Cake

Delight in rich and smooth limoncello cheesecake mousse on a bed of biscotti crumbs. See more!

Product Code: #2117

Tiramisu Cake

Two layers of lady fingers soaked in expresso coffee liqueur, surrounded by 100% marscapone cheese filling, lightly dusted with cocoa. See more!

Product Code: #2122

Triple Chocolate Mousse

Two layers of dark chocolate sponge, dark Belgian chocolate mousse, white chocolate mousse and milk chocolate mousse, stacked together... See more!

Product Code: #2131

Brownie Mousse

Chocolate sponge and rich brownies, surrounded by a dark chocolate mousse, topped with more brownies enrobed in a dark chocolate... See more!

Product Code: #2137


Vanilla bean cheesecake topped with fresh fruit on a biscotti graham crumb base topped with a Belgium white chocolate curl. See more!

Product Code: #2152

Volcano Cake

Moist and rich expresso marble cake, infused with layers of mocha butter cream and reach caramel enrobed in chocolate... See more!

Product Code: #2162